I have realized that being a mom, you have to learn to have little expectations.  Don't expect that you are going to have your house spotless, dinner on the table, looking cute, and kids behaving by the time your husband comes home!  I don't think that all those things have EVER happened all at once!
I used to think before I had kids, that life would be so perfect when I started to have kids.  I would stay at home, love on my babies, clean the house, make dinner, and life would be perfect.  I would get up and get ready for the day, then I would play with my kids, then I would clean while they napped, then I would make dinner, then my husband would come home and we would be the cutest family sitting around the dinner table laughing with each other.  Then the kids would go off the bed, me and the husband would cuddle on the couch and then make our way off to bed.
My days are more like this:
Get woken up no later than 6am to Riley saying she wants chocolate milk and cereal, (when the suns up, she's up)  I roll out of bed, get her breakfast, think about how I am gonna make it through the day being this tired.  Then I get up Cason, feed him.  Get ready and hit the gym for an hour (gotta have some time to myself for at least on hour)  Come home, put Cason down, clean up the house.  Get Cason up, Get the kids lunch.  Clean the house again, because lets be real, its been 2 hours since I last cleaned it, so its trashed again.  In between the cleaning and making meals for the kids, get some play time in whether its swimming, dancing to music, reading books, etc.  Put both kids down.  Now I should really clean during this time, but most days I just sit and think about how stinking tired I am.  I turn on Ellen and either blogstalk or pin on Pinterest.  Then I may clean up for a little bit, or I may take a nap... then the kids get up, We play, I clean again, I TRY to make dinner... then Nate comes home to me with my hair a mess, makeup most likely smeared on my face from rubbing  my eyes from being so tired, or no make up at all, and most likely in sweats!  The kids are whining, or going crazy, and we eat dinner while Nate is either having to do homework, or whatever needs to get done.  Then the kids are off the bed.  I clean up again, and watch a little TV with Nate or by myself if he is studying.  Then I got to bed, taking forever to fall asleep, and my day starts all over again.
My life is nothing glamorous, obviously.  Sometimes we stress about money and finances.  Sometimes we don't get a date night for like a month...no good.  I need date night.  But one thing I have learned is that as long as I am doing the stuff in my life that I need to be doing.  Example: scripture, prayer, tithing, and trying to do good in my role as a mother, life always seems to be good.  I always seem to be very content with who I am and what I am doing in my life.  I always seem to be overly in love with my children, and overly overly in love with my husband.  There are things that would be awesome to have in our life right now that we do not have.  And a few years ago i used to think that because I didn't have certain things in my life, then I was nothing, and I had nothing to show.  But I have definetely learned that material things are not the things in life that make us happy.  Its relationships and its people.  Its quality time as a family.  Its kissing and cuddling by babes before they go to bed.  Its dancing to music with Riley cause its her favorite thing to do.  lately I feel like I have been so sentimental about my life.  And I think its just because I am so happy.  I love being happy, and I am so glad that I have 3 people in my life that make me so incredibly happy!

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Cami said...

Thanks for sharing! I have been worrying about being a stay at home mom. I love your look on life and how happy you are even when your days dont feel "perfect". I will try and set my expectations low, then I wont be dissapointed later...